Aeterna Capital Partners

Aeterna Capital Partners

A Family Office Backed Private Investment Firm


Tailored investment solutions.
Committed to you.

Aeterna* Capital Partners is a family office backed private investment firm. We are not tied to a strict private equity fund structure, have a long term perspective and possess a unique ability to be flexible and invest across the balance sheet. Aeterna has a track record of aligning with sellers/management teams in order to both a) create liquidity for founding shareholders and b) build upon the legacy created by a founder in order to maximize long term value for all remaining stakeholders. Aeterna thrives in closely held/family held situations and is respectful of the personnel and unique culture embedded in any underlying business. We back people. We are not a “volume shop” and we are committed to structuring win/win solutions.

*Latin for eternal/everlasting.